Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Studio Peace

I managed to carve out a few hours of studio time today.
When the world around me seems to be crumbling,
I can find peace, joy and calm there.
Above is a detail shot of a piece of 12mm silk habotai
upon which I've drawn some circles with Elmer's School Glue.
This is only backing fabric for a larger piece,
so playing was really fun!

Speaking of playing, I also did a bit of monoprinting
with my super large Gelli Print Plate:

We celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary yesterday!
That's tough to do when you're only 30!

We both had lots of errands to do in the morning,
and just after I'd finished grocery shopping
I received a text from C:
"I've bought apples for applesauce"
Well, so had I!!

So, I spent quite some time admiring the long stemmed roses
he had also purchased for me, 
while I cut up apples for sauce.

Our new and marvelous local yarn shop was 
one of the stops on my list of errands.
I bought some luscious Malabrigo yarn for a sweater
(I'll show you that another time)
and as I was checking out, I spied the above yarn bowl.
Isn't it great!!
Look closely over to the left side of the bowl
and you'll see a little slit that holds the yarn.
This keeps the yarn in the bowl and not all over your floor!
That was my anniversary gift to myself!

Speaking of knitting,
I also sewed together Harold the Houseplant Monster yesterday afternoon!
Isn't he cute!!!
by Rebecca Danger.
I highly recommend it if you have little ones in your universe.

Hope you've been able to carve out some creative time too!
As always, thanks for stopping by.......
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Jeannie said...

So much eye candy in one post! I love the silk. It has an Oriental feel to it. The Gelli prints are wonderful. You do not want to invite me over, the yarn bowl & yarn might disappear. Harold looks like a good monster. Just what a 1 year old needs to chase away the boogy man! Have a great day!

Lisa Kerpoe said...

My goodness, you've been busy! Happy Anniversary! I love that circle cloth - the black dye bled through in such an interesting pattern.

And I love the yarn bowl. Never heard of that before, but it's a great idea. It might keep my kitties away from my yarn!

Barbara said...

Wonderful post Judy! Happy Thanksgiving.


Diana Angus said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Judy!