Sunday, November 20, 2011

Home Again

We arrived home early this afternoon
and while on the drive, I had made a list of things
that I wanted to accomplish before dark.
One was the embroidery on this navy blue ring.
And I did it!

I love checking off things on a list, 
so when I'm procrastinating
I make lists.
Works almost every time.

One of the problems I had encountered with the embroidery
was my inability to get good light and see the small stitches well.
Since each stitch is linked into the loop of the previous stitch 
and my thread is dark, it was a challenge to me.
I got out my faithful magnifier, and the work became a joy.

The pic above is how the work appears through the magnifier.
Far easier to deal with - don't you think?

I thought I had some root beer colored beads in my stash
- and I did -
so I added just a few to the French Knots.
I'm really liking how this is turning out.

We began listening to Barbara Kingsolver's "The Lacuna"
on our drive down to the beach, and we have 
continued on our ride back.
It's a great 'read' - have you read it yet?
I love Kingsolver's writing,
and she has blended history with fiction beautifully in this
particular book.

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Carol said...

Your French Knots are beautiful!

I have Lacuna waiting to be read and just yesterday a friend told me I must read it straight away. So I'd better start. And yes, I do love Kingsolver's writing. xxoo

The Word Verification is 'bacci'. Doesn't this mean 'kiss' in Italian?

Connie Rose said...

I tried reading that book but just couldn't get into it. I've read and enjoyed most everything else Kingsolver has written. Good luck with it.

Jeannie said...

The stitching is looking lovely. What kind of light/magnifier do you have? I fear my eyes at to the stage where help is needed. Kingsolver's books are always a favorite here. xo

Linda Stokes said...

Your stitching is looking wonderful.
I haven't read any of Kingsolver's books - will check it out. I used to read ferociously but now mainly when I'm on holiday.
Thanks for your comment.

Julierose said...

I love the beads with the french knots--looks lovely Julierose