Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Day of Sewing

I had so much fun sewing the first apron,
that I decided I'd do another to give as a gift.
After all, there was still some monoprinted fabric!

So I dyed more apron fabric 
and printed a grapefruit on the top center of this one.

I was having too much fun in the studio
so I thought I'd add more grapefruit on the bottom of the first apron.
I loved how it looked!

The armhole facings on the second apron are also
made from the monoprinted fabric.
Too cute!!

All the while, Stephen King is keeping me company
as I listen to his fabulous 11-23-63
I highly recommend it!

 thanks to the Gelli Print Plate folks for mentioning me on FB again!



Jeannie said...

You ARE having fun! I like the grapefruit print on the hem. It is like a faux ruffle. xo

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Isn't it amazing how much fun (and what great results you get)working with something as elementary as fruit prints! The grapefruit print looks great.

diane said...

Fabulous results -- I hadn't thought about using citrus as a monoprint with the plate. Always inspiring!!