Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Winter Walk

The boys and I had a great walk this morning.
Bosco has really settled into the routine,
and loves to romp along, playing with sticks and pine cones.
Barker enjoys his company, and puts up with an occasional ear pull.

I love the dew-laden dandies-
a final reminder of the summer past.

The trees, bereft of their summer leafy wear, 
now call attention with various textured skins.

This guy has been feeding woodpeckers and pine beetles.

Even their oozing bruises add interest.

And of course, we all love the pavement cracks.


1 comment:

Jeannie said...

Yesterday we were talking on our walk about how things change in winter. I can see more now that the trees are bare. It is quiet, so more birds are heard, and seen. Hope your day continues to be filled with beauty.