Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going out with a BANG!

This is the little purse that I carry when we are in the city.
It holds all of the essentials and isn't heavy on my shoulder.
I slung it over the back of my chair when we were dining out last night,
and never thought another thing about it.
When we awoke this morning, I realized I had left it behind:
credit cards, debit cards, drivers license, cash!!!!!!
Fortunately, the restaurant was opening for lunch,
so I had only to wait until 11:30 to learn my fate.
But the minutes crept by from 7:00 AM.

I am so thankful that our waiter was a man with a conscience -
he noticed my purse just after we departed, 
and put it away for safe keeping.

Oddly enough, during those 4-1/2 hours of limbo,
I prioritized, and realized that if my purse had been taken,
it really wasn't the end of the world.
There are so many worse things that happen 
to people 
every day.

It's a beautiful last day of the year here in Atlanta.
We have walked miles and miles
with and without our pups.

I was reading Susie Monday's blog over breakfast this morning.
She wrote recently about Newsflash!,
an iPhone and iPad app 
that transforms photos in really cool ways.
So, uploaded it to my phone.
Thanks, Susie!
Here are our boys

I've chose very basic manipulations:
there are loads of amazing ways.
Another fun way to explore art.

Many of my blogging friends have chosen words to work with in 2012.
I usually don't do this, but thought I'd try it this time around.
"focus" is an ongoing struggle for me -
so I will be focusing on focus.
Another area in which I struggle is understanding.
I am going to try really hard to "understand" others

We had an art date this afternoon at the High Museum....
but that is for another post!

happy new year
thanks for being there & leaving comments


and don't forget your purse!


Eva Hagbjärn said...

Good that you got back your little purse, and that there are honest people.
I agree that it could have happened worse things, but I can anyway feel your horror when you discovered that you had forgotten it!
I'm very happy for you that you got it back:)
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Beverly said...

Whew, glad you got your purse back intact!

Happy New Year, Judy, I'm looking forward to keeping up with you and your studio adventures- you are an inspiration to me.

Jeannie said...

I tend not to choose words either, but C asked me and Focus! was my word also!!! Great minds think alike!
I am so glad you purse was well tended. I dislike that heart in the pit of one's stomach when I realise I forgot something.
Wishing you and your boys a very happy new year! xoxo

Molly said...

The purse story made me recall a few anxious minutes in Lisbon last September. We had parked our rented van on the street in front of the hotel where we were staying, with the warning that if it wasn't moved by early Monday morning it would be towed away. We would be leaving Lisbon in the morning, so we just planned to be ready to leave early taking the van away from the curb and on out of town.
We went to a nearby restaurant for a lovely dinner and were walking back to the hotel when Jacinto checked his pockets (a lucky nervous habit of his) and realized he no longer had the car keys.
We rushed back to the restaurant and found it still open and went in and found the keys under the chair where Jacinto had been sitting. We then were able to stop following the projections in our mind of what would happen on Monday without keys. The car would be towed. We would have to wait until afternoon for the restaurant to open. And we may not find the keys, even then.
So, yes, it could be much worse...and almost was. Of course, there are always worse-yet scenarios, but we dodged a bb if not a bullet.

Molly said...

One more comment on the purse: after hearing about chairback purse snatching from those who have suffered it, I now put my purse on the floor under my chair and put my foot through the shoulder strap so I'll notice if someone tries to pull it away. Also, when I put my purse in the basket at the grocery store, I snap the baby holding strap through it so it would take two hands and a few seconds of work to free it up. Of course, I still don't walk away from the basket with the purse in it.

Diana Angus said...

Happy New Year, Judy! Thanks for sharing about your art, your family and your love of life with people like us. I hope 2012 is your best year yet!

Barbara said...

Happy New Year Judy! What a scare with your purse. That is an awful feeling. It is good to know that good people, honest people still exist in our world!

I had forgotten to post about my word for the new year. I'll have to go remedy that.... :)


Susie said...

Wow, these are so cool. thanks for the mention and link,too! I am getting back into regular blogging and hope to build up my subscriber list so this was a great help. You have great comments on your site!