Monday, January 02, 2012

Art Date

Last Saturday we had an art date to the High Museum.
We are fortunate that it is within walking distance of our condo.
It was a lovely day and we stopped along the way for a yummy Sushi lunch.

Our goal was to spend some time in the Grainger McKoy exhibit,
for two reasons: the exhibit closes next weekend and
McKoy mainly sculpts birds, which we love.

We were blown away by this exhibit!
Neither of us was familiar with McKoy's work
but now we are groupies!

Above you can see "Recovery Stroke",
McKoy says he's always been attracted to this portion of a bird's flight because it is 'when it's the least productive and most vulnerable,
yet here can be found a grace and beauty
that exists nowhere else'.
This particular sculpture is 12ft tall and is done in stainless steel.

I wanted to add this photo so that you could
appreciate the detail of McKoy's art.
Each feather is carved separately, numbered, 
and then added to the wing structure.

This is a sculpture of the now extinct Carolina Parakeets.
This morning I listened to a talk that Mr. McKoy gave about his life and work.
He graduated from Clemson University and first majored in architecture.
With that background, he is able to figure out how to construct his sculptures.
Much like fiber artists, our joy is in creating our work, but it is vital to have
a clear idea of just how we plan to display the completed piece 
even before we begin.

Here is another incredible sculpture of the Least Bittern.

So, as I said, the exhibit is open through January 8th.
If you live in the Atlanta area, I encourage you to have
an art date with Grainger McKoy at the High this week, 
you won't regret it.

If you can't get there, but you want to learn more about
Grainger McKoy and his art,
you can go here.

Happy New Year,
 by the way!
I ushered it in with a cold -
the first I've had since my sinus surgery in June of 2009.
It has laid me pretty low.
But the good news is that I stayed in all day today
and finished embroidering the stumpwork on one of my large pieces!

here it is before finishing.
I'm thrilled to now be ready to back it and move on!

I've started knitting a new pair of socks with some yarn
that I dyed.  I'm loving how it's coming along.
The beautiful yarn bowl was a Christmas gift
from my friend Judy.
Her husband Bill turns wood and he most generously made one
for each of us in our knitting group.
Lucky girls, eh!



Jeannie said...

Oh my gosh, Judy! Grainger McKoy is amazing. The detail in the feathers is awe inspiring. Gorgeous! Speaking of gorgeous, your yarn and the stumpwork are too. Feel better soon!

Colleen Kole said...

The yarn is beautiful, your stumpwork inspiring and oh how I love wooden bowls!

Hope you feel better.

komodori said...

I am so sorry you are unwell. Thanks so much for the link and information about McKoy---stupendous! And do you know of the work of Athos Menaboni, whose artful birds we in Georgia we are so lucky to have easy access? Take good care of yourself!