Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Production Line

I'm in full production mode now!
I love baking for the holidays - 
although I've got to admit I'd still rather be
up to my elbows in a dye bath!

As you can see, I baked most of my
Christmas Coffee Breads yesterday.
They are now neatly packaged and in the freezer
 awaiting tomorrow's deliveries to neighbors and friends.

Here's a little plate of my Springerle cookies.
They really do spring up, as the name implies.
Interestingly enough, just after I published
my last blog post, I read this article
in the Wall Street Journal.
My Springerle recipe came from my beloved old
New York Times Cookbook, 
but next year, I will try the recipe in the above article.
Right after I finishing wrapping our gifts,
I'm going to tackle the Molded Gingerbread Cookie recipe
in the Wall Street Journal.  
Sounds yummy!

Jeannie shared a delicious sounding Julekage
recipe with me.
It has cardamom in it, which is always a plus in my book!
I hope to try it tomorrow.

We enjoyed a short but sweet visit from 
over the weekend.
He arrived, ate dinner, went to a party,
came back and crashed, and then joined us for
breakfast on Sunday before he headed back home.
But he was cute!



Jeannie said...

Yum!!! And look at Mr. Gigglepants! You have been very busy. Have a great day.xo

Julierose said...

That bread looks fab-u-lous...AND those cookies, too. I took a look at the article and think I'd like to add these to my Christmas baking spree.... Have a wonderful Holiday Season....Julierose

Linda Stokes said...

They look great!
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.