Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tis the Season

I've been doing my Christmas baking,
as I'm sure you have as well.
I like to include several family traditions,
one being German Springerle cookies
which my husband enjoyed while growing up.
It's a 3-day affair:
day one: mix the dough
day two: cut the cookies using the rolling pin shown above
day three: bake the cookies
(I will show you the end product tomorrow!)

Here is a detail shot of the traditional rolling pin,
in case you've never seen one.

Once you've cut out the cookies, they are placed on 
anise-covered cookie sheets.
As they bake, the areas that are indented in the pin
puff up.
The cookies are a bit hard,
but so delicious with a cup of tea!
MMMMM: I smell the anise now
and can't wait to taste it again!

I dropped off a couple of Christmas Coffee Breads
at our church office yesterday.
The staff is so good to us,
that I like to thank them with some baked goods.
I was intrigued by this lovely angel,
made from a discarded hymnal.

great idea!



Gerrie said...

I smell the anise, too. Love the angel. Book arts like that are so interesting - not sure I could do it.

Julierose said...

Yum!! I'll bet they are wonderful with tea,,,,Julierose Nerry Christmas

Eva said...

Obviously this is why the name "Springerle" means the "Jumping ones": because they puff up. Didn't know them before, because they are South German and Swiss.

Jeannie said...

The angel is easy peasy. Didn't you make those in the 60's with old Reader's Digests? I too smell the anise and wish I was there. Ask C if he remembers Pfeffernusse? It is a rock hard cookie with pepper in it - yum!!! All this talk of ancestral cooking made me think of Julekake for Christmas morning. Have a fun filled weekend!

Elizabeth said...

I have yet to get to my baking for this year- except for Becca's Ultra Chocolate Cake with butter cream frosting!!! Swedish Coffee bread is on my list and I need to ship some as well!! i need a couple of more weeks!!! Love Springerly coolies but don't want to have them around as I am the only one who likes them = not good!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yum. I can smell them from here and they remind me of my childhood. You're sooo ambitious. I must confess that we haven't even put up a tree as we'll be in Katy for Xmas and in Valle de Bravo for New Year's. Less work for me! Happy holidays to all!