Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Step by Step

I added a bit of paper lamination 
to the piece I showed you yesterday.
(It's the darker image above and to the left of the two white globes.)
I love the way it adds another suggestion
of an image and a variation in value.
So, this process may be a player in my new piece.

We finally went to see The Descendants tonight!
It has been on our list for a long time,
and believe it or not,
it is actually playing here in our little town!
The subject matter was very thought-provoking,
the acting was good
(Clooney is always nice to watch),
the photography was fabulous,
the textiles were well represented (I love Hawaiian quilts and fabrics),
and like my friend Gerrie, I cried - a lot.

It's been an emotional day:
our daughter called this evening while we were out to dinner with friends:
she, our son-in-law, and Charlie are flying to San Antonio
for our Mastery 2010 show opening!
I really cannot believe it!
After my class concludes, we are all driving to Houston 
for a little family reunion.
Charlie will finally get to meet his Great Aunts and Uncles...
plus a bunch of cousins.
We are staying at a cute little B&B in the museum district,
so we can walk to just about everything.
I'm really excited about visiting the Rothko Chapel.



Jeannie said...

That is so fantastic that the family will be there to see your show and to visit family. Like what I see going on one your new piece. I didn't think I would like the paper lamination, but I was wrong! It really adds interest. Have a good rest of the week!

Gerrie said...

I want to come for the opening - I didn't get my invitation, however!! LOL How wonderful that your family is joining you for this wonderful event.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Good luck with the event and I hope you all will have a wonderful time at the family reunion.


komodori said...

When I went to the Rothko Chapel I felt like I could sit there all day. But I recently read the painting are fading and need restoring. Please let me know. I am so delighted for your Texas family celebration!

Jane LaFazio said...

I'm loving this piece.