Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Monday

Mondays are a challenge for me right now.
The "History of Color" class that I am taking
begins at 9:00 AM.
Because I agreed to be the class assistant,
I like to get there at 8:45,
just to set things up and greet my classmates when they arrive.
Our professor, Mary Beth Looney, is well worth
the struggle - trust me on that!
She is so intelligent, very well spoken, and fascinating to listen to.

After class, I go across campus to the gym
(which is my usual Monday morning routine)
and then I normally run a few errands around town.
I arrive home in time for a late lunch,
and then several hours in the studio.

Life is good!

So, up above you see a detail shot of a trial piece I am working on.
The first layer was resisted with flour paste and then dyed a rusty color:

Yesterday afternoon I immersed the silk in
some hot tea and let it steep for a few hours.
Today I'm adding layers with textile paint....
trying to find exactly what I want for the final piece.
Here are a couple more detail shots:

I have another trial piece 'cooking'
and my plan is to evaluate the results of both tomorrow
and then get on with the final piece.

This is how the final/trial piece looked this evening -
bear in mind that the circles are simply trials,
not placed in any specific fashion.

It is our custom to take the dogs for a walk in the evening
after they've had their dinners 
but before we've had ours.
Our neighbors' dog, Rummie, always wants to join the fun,
so Debbie lets Rummie out and she comes along with us.
She is a sheep herder, so she tries to keep our boys in line.
Good Luck Rummie!
She and Bosco fought long and hard over this rather stout stick
this evening.
Bosco finally won out.
He was so proud of himself that he ran along beside us all the way home,
holding his trophy high in the air.

Our dinner tonight:

Mark Bittman's Tomato Rice Soup.
The rice hasn't plumped up enough to be seen in this photo.
I've also added some kale since this pic was taken.

What are you having for dinner?



Jeannie said...

We are have homemade shrimp & corn bisque - again. Evidently this is the new favorite. What is you history of color like? Sounds interesting. I really like the pieces you are working on. Kind of ethereal and soft in tone. Have fun tomorrow!

Carol said...

Love your work, very elegant colours. I don't know yet what I'm having for dinner but I'm feeling very hungry now that I've seen that soup. xxoo

Gerrie said...

That is a very ethereal piece up there.