Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still in Focus Mode

One of my words for 2012 is 'focus' -
I'm trying to focus on my work and 
not get sidetracked!
Thus far, I'm staying focused on focusing.
My second series piece using the circular Zentangles
is well underway.
Today I did a lot of screening and then I made the little trial above.
The blue is actually a turquoise -
my monitor is showing it as very blue.
I'm pleased with the color combination.
I've redrawn the Zentangle and will make a new 
Thermofax screen of it tomorrow.....
more refined, less clunky.

Yesterday afternoon I began another silk piece,
this time using flour paste resist for the background.
I applied the flour paste to the silk and let it totally dry overnight.
I crackled it this afternoon and then applied thickened dye.

It is batching overnight, and I will wash it out tomorrow.
I love doing this form of resist on silk.
If you want to learn more about resists, 
check out Lisa Kerpoe's blog and her new book. 

We had Bosco neutered yesterday -
I think it was harder on me than it was on him!
He had to spend the night at the Vet's,
and it was so quiet around here.
Barker got a much deserved break!
So, this morning, Barker and I were alone for our walk on the golf course.
We've had a lot of rain over the past week,
and I loved the moisture patterns on the cart paths:

Did you check out the cute little foot in the middle pic?

Bosco is home now and just a little bit groggy -
in other words, Barker is being put to his paces again!



Jeannie said...

So glad your studio mate is home and well. I love the color combo in the upper photo and the resist work looks interesting. I love the wash out part where you can see where the dye crept in. Wishing you a fun filled weekend.

Teodo said...

In autumn I have had a worlshop with Melanie Testa arbout the tecnique that you use.
My fabrics are not so nice as yours.
How long have you been dyeing fabrics so far? Your results are fantastic.
ciao ciao Linda

komodori said...

1. Love the color combination of the Zentangles trial.
2.The flour resist is so interesting---I want to see more.
3. The cart path patterns intrigue me. Your eye for texture and color is always so keen.
4. Stay warm!
5. Bosco's procedure reminds me of a favorite old New Yorker cartoon of a dog at the Pearly Gates asking the haloed St. Peter of Canines: "Any chance of me getting my testicles back?" Happy weekend! XR