Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday 11 January 2012

I was really pleased to open our mailbox this afternoon 
and find a package with some Oliver Twists!
I ordered these on Sunday, and I'm delighted
with the color selections I chose. 

I hope to have some results to share with you in the next couple of days.
I'll be using the circular Zentangle in this next piece too.
I redrew it yesterday, and like how this one looks.
I also spent a lot of time yesterday doing screenprinting on my second piece.
When it gets further along, I'll share parts of it with you.

In our quest to find ever more healthy vegetarian recipes
(is that redundant?)
we've become huge Mark Bittman fans.
(thank you Robin!)
This article in the January 1st NYT magazine 
offers some great options.
I prepared this meatless meal for lunch yesterday:

spinach and chickpeas

It was done in a jiffy and was very filling and tasty.
We had some slices of baked tofu left over in the fridge, 
so I added one of those, topped with Bittman's 
Ginger & Scallion Sauce
(which is not in the article but in his Vegetarian Recipe cookbook).



Jeannie said...

I love that turquoise blue with the zentangle on it. The threads are delicious and I may try some of the recipes. The miso soup caught my eye. xo

Gerrie said...

Mark had some great recipes in last Sunday's NY Times magazine. I love his recipes.

Connie Rose said...

Interesting that your new threads and your supper are the same colors!

Angela said...

I love oliver twists. I can't wait to see your pieces.