Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Update

We are spending the long weekend  
at our little condo in Atlanta.
I needed new napkins,
so I decided to make them from some fat quarters 
of black and white quilt fabric.
My serger has a rolled hem feature and I love to put it to good use.
I have several bins of quilt fabric, sorted by color,
and one of my favorites is black and whites.
When I sorted through them,
I came across the fabric you see on top.
Isn't it lovely!
It was a gift from my friend Jeannie -
and it has made the most wonderful napkins!
you can see a couple of other fabrics in the stack of napkins
that I made.
I love cloth napkins:
they feel so much nicer than paper,
and they are ecologically sound.

Charlie and his folks came visiting yesterday afternoon.
Julia, Charlie's adorable first cousin,
was celebrating her 7th birthday.
So, Charlie had been partying.
We got to babysit for Charlie last night when his parents
went out to a dinner party at the home of friends.
We had a great time!
Charlie is so much fun to take out on the town!
We dined at Little Azio's, and he was the hit of the dining room.
He does like to charm the ladies!!!
Afterwards, I gave him his bath and then
he fell asleep in his grandaddy's arms.
It was very, very cute!
This morning we walked to Flying Biscuit for breakfast.
You have to get there early because it is such a popular spot.
Charlie had a great time!

Happy Weekend!



Jeannie said...

Charlie looks like he is 4 years old in this photo! I can only imagine how he charms the ladies, because he had my heart at the first smile. Wishing you a beautiful and creative week.

Carol said...

Charlie does look like the man about town. His smile is adorable. I'm sure he charmed everyone he met. Aren't little boys wonderful! As are little girls, I must hasten to add. xxx