Wednesday, January 18, 2012

F is for Focus

Staying focused has always been an issue for me.
I think I'm A-D-D.
That said, I'm trying my darnedest to remain focused on my work.
The newest issue of Quilting Arts arrived yesterday
and, quite frankly, I don't want to look at it 
for fear I'll be sidetracked!
Same goes for the latest SDA journal.
I just can't go there right now.
How about you?
Are you easily sidetracked?
What gets you off track and - better yet -
what gets you back on track again?

Yesterday I screened my tessellating triangles Zentangle
onto the silk that I had previously used the flour paste resist technique on.
Today I've added a layer of resist
and the plan is to do more dyeing on this piece tomorrow, 
after the resist is thoroughly dry.

I'm also experimenting with paper lamination.

I was going to refer you to Jane Dunnewold's 
fabulous book on this technique,
but after going to her store,
I can tell you that the book is out of print.
It's a fabulous resource, so if you can ever find a copy,
snap it up!!
She also has a chapter on paper lamination
in her latest book, Art Cloth,
which you can also find in the store.

It was a cold and rainy day here yesterday
(although we haven't experienced the snow that my 
Pacific Northwest friends are having, thanks be to God!),
so it was a great day to make some vegetable stock.
We recently purchased Mark Bittman's vegetarian cookbook app
for C's ipad.  It has three vegetable stock recipes in it.
I opted for the roasted vegetable plan.
As you can see, it contains lots of colorful goodies:

There are parsnips, leeks, mushrooms, celery, carrots, potatoes -
just to name a few.
The house smelled divine, and the stock is fantastic!

In her day, my Mom grew the most beautiful orchids.
She was very proud of them, and loved to show them off to her friends.
As she aged and grew less able to get around,
I tried to help her with them.
Most of them died - Skilled Care Homes are too dry and hot for orchids.
Our dear friend Bobbie gave Mom the above orchid several years ago,
and I tried with all my might to keep it alive and get it to bloom again,
but to no avail.
I brought Mom's orchids home with me after she died -
and they are both loaded with buds this winter!

I'd like to think this is either a 'sign' from Mom or
a sign that I can grow orchids too.
However, I believe it just means that our house isn't as hot and dry -
and that I kept them outside this Fall long enough for them to 
get a good chill!
Whatever the reason,
I'm thrilled!!

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Jeannie said...

1. The top piece is gorgeous. I love the color variations in the turquoise zentangle and the yellow swoop.
2. Focus? Me with the hummingbird mind? I can focus if I have a deadline like a birthday or holiday.
3. I love the progress on the tessellating zentangle. I usually am not drawn to pale pieces, but this really hold my interest.
4. I am in love. The paper laminated piece is fantastic! I love being able to see text below the design.
5. Orchids. I try. They are the one plant I have not been able to keep going. I never thought about putting them outside in the summer. I have two that I picked up this fall and I will give it a try.
6. Soup. I love soup and your's sounds so good.
7. Why is it QA is mailed from Colorado and yet, you get yours before me? Don't they realize I am snow bound?!! LOL!

Karoda said...

Love seeing what you're up to...its been a while since I popped into your blog and I would stop in when you're discussing focus...yes it is an issue with me but it helps if I define my limits such as what I will allow to distract me and what I will not allow. I give myself some room to be distracted along with defining what focused habits I need to keep.

I prepared roasted root vegetables for Christmas was the first time I ate and cooked rutabaga and parsnips. And I love beets in my green salads but had never prepared them from scratch until then also...I feel so liberated :)

Gerrie said...

I am sure that the orchid growing gene was dormant and has now come alive. How beautiful!!

Love what you are doing in the studio.

Carol said...

Yay! for the orchids. Just keep on doing whatever it is you've been doing. Our orchids live outside in the garden year round and providing the snails don't chomp the buds, they flower well.

I can just smell those vegetables roasting. Yum! I'll now have to investigate recipe book apps. XOX

Susie said...

Beautiful art, beautiful veggies, beautiful orchids. Maybe focus is over rated. I too have been pondering and trying to stay focused.