Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boring Days

Here's a photo of a little doodling I've done with my Bamboo Capture.
I uploaded a photo of a piece that I'm currently working on
and then was able to sketch in the red 'bricks' down the center.
Just a doodle, mind you!
The Bamboo is also great with Zentangles, 
especially when I use the graph paper mode.
I'll show more in a day or two.

As for boring - this is what I mean!
We are having a larger electrical line run 
to my studio from our power source.
It's a major job, since we have a large circular drive
and the line had to run under it in several places.
The boring guys did a great job
and I can barely see where they dug...
the dogwoods and daffodils were another challenge!
The new line will allow us to air condition in the summer - YAYY!!
You may recall the rather large snake I found draped across my sinks
a couple of summers ago - ugh.
Hopefully, with the doors closed, I won't have anymore 
summertime visitors of that nature!
I'll also be able to run my large rocket steamer and my washer 
at the very same time.
WooHoo: uptown!!!
It will be heavenly, and I'm thrilled that this is happening.
So, our days haven't been boring, in the normal sense,
but we have been bored!

Off to the studio for a bit of waxing!



Jeannie said...

Very interesting! I can see doodling away and coming up with great composistions on your new toy. Just think, you'll be able to be out in the play house year round now. I didn't realize how wooded your lot is. I love it! Reminds me of home. Have a fun filled, er, soy wax filled weekend.

Patty said...

I have lots of snakes in my yard. Did you know that black snakes are known to scare off poisonous snakes? In that way they're good friends.