Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a Trip

I am in Carrollton, GA 
taking care of our little Charlie
during the day
while his parents are working.
Normally is Daddy works from home,
but this week he is out of town on business.


I arrived here on Sunday afternoon
shortly after a cold front had blown through.
Yesterday, Monday, was gorgeous and not really
all that cool in the early afternoon.
The sun was shining brightly and lots of folks 
were busy tending their gardens
in preparation for Spring.
Charlie and I had a nice long stroll around town.

Today was not as pretty as yesterday,
but we made the most of it!
At almost 15 months, he is a great walker!
So we took off after lunch and walked to the town square.
We had to stop along the way to smell the flowers -
even the mosaic ones!!!

Charlie and I walk or stroll in the afternoons,
and then when his Mommy gets home,
we all go for a longer walk with their two dogs.
Yesterday we took the stroller, but today
I took Charlie in the Baby Bjorn.
Boy is that a workout!!
I'm thankful that I go to the gym regularly
and do so many exercises to keep my back strong.

We love to play peek-a-boo!
I caught him here just as he came out from
behind the draperies in the guest bedroom
where I am sleeping.
What a little imp!!
As I was putting him down for his nap this afternoon,
he suddenly raised his head off of my shoulder
and began talking away in his own little language -
very animated, using his hands like a wild man.
This went on for over a half hour.
He would say something and then laugh and laugh.
I was laughing so hard I was crying!
Finally I told him he had to take his nap
or we would both be in trouble when his Mommy came home.....
He slept for over an hour.

It's challenging to catch him still for even a moment!

What a wonderful time I am having!
This age doesn't last long,
and I am cherishing every moment.



Beverly said...

Enjoy the time! I get to hear Michelle babble over the phone and on Skype-how much better to have him in your arms.

Jeannie said...

This post warmed my heart. Savor every minute! I love the photo of Charlie smelling the mosaic flower! xoxo

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely pictures of a lovely little boy!
Have fun!