Thursday, February 23, 2012


It's been a day of high drama!
I arrived home last night, eager to get back to work.
Sadly, I learned that the city inspector had not yet 
come to make sure the wiring was done correctly,
so my studio remained powerless.

After a few calls this morning, 
we learned that the inspector had indeed been by yesterday
and the wiring was to code.
However, the power company was busy elsewhere today
and my studio would not be hooked up until tomorrow.
I was very sad because I was eager to get back to the piece in progress.
As I was finishing breakfast, I heard a truck rumbling up the drive!
A power crew had miraculously appeared!
And I have power once again in the studio!

These are my knights in shining armor!
And they were so pleasant.

I've just taken the piece above (and at the top, and below) out of the steamer.
I'm pleased with how it is turning out.

Thanks for stopping by.
It's always nice to hear from you.



Jeannie said...

Yea for electricity!!! Judy, your cloths are gorgeous! The remind me of tide pools or looking at rocks below water. Wonderful!

Diana Angus said...

Out of this world beautiful!