Friday, February 24, 2012

Frantic Friday

I want to share more photos of my most recent piece
before I go into details of this wild and crazy day!
When I removed this piece from the steamer last night
and shared a few photos, I had not ironed it.
I did that this morning.
I realized that I liked the back even better than the front!
So, I will share more photos this evening.
This piece measures 91 x 21".  If I told you otherwise previously,
I was lying.
It is very tall....but also quite skinny.
Here are more shots:

these are detail shots

I did a lot of paper lamination (red) on the reverse side.
The paper lam. was too bright on the 'front', so it is now on the back!
I love how it just sort of shows through - simply a suggestion.

The yellow portion is near the center of this very tall piece.

Last night Barker, our eight year old, began showing signs of distress.
I took him to the Vet right away this morning.
She thought he might be verging on Bloat,
which is what I was fearing.
She kept him in order to observe him and do more tests.
It was a very long seven hours until I called to find out the verdict.
Facebook friends were so supportive!
Thankfully, he is not verging on bloat but had several other 'issues'
including tracheitis and the beginnings of arthritis in his hind hips.
So, our walking will be curtailed and he is on
drugs to take care of his other complaints.
He is such a sweet sweet dog.
The Vet said that they normally have to sedate dogs to take hip x-rays -
not Barker!
He remained in whatever ungodly position dogs must assume 
for such photos!
He is a sweetheart, and I'm so relieved that he is back home tonight!


p.s. I'm trying a new layout on my blog - what do you think?
change is good.......isn't it??????


Jeannie said...

I am not going to committ to saying this is my favorite as I haven't seen all of them in their finished state. That said, I love this!!! It really has a lot of depth going on, and I know your stitching will transform it even more. Take care and give Barker and Bosco a treat from me. xo

Gerrie said...

I don't like it. I know others are going to this format and I don't get it. That is an awesome piece of clothing - it is interesting how the back can be a fave side. Hugs to my boy, Barker and woof woof from Scooter.

Karoda said...

It is an interesting format for strong visuals. It'll grow on me...I wish typepad would do something innovative for the price point I have.

The silk is luscious and I love the complexity of layers it has. Are you finished with it?

diane said...

Fabulous work, Judy! I'm eager to see it in person -- you've mastered the paper lamination.

Linda Stokes said...

I'm really enjoying seeing your new work Judy - I have the book on paper lamination but have not tried it yet - looks fascinating.
Glad Barker is OK.
Thanks for commenting - you're entered twice in my giveaway.

Carol said...

Hugs to dear Barker. And to Bosco who must be wondering what's going on. Your fabric is lovely, and very interesting. Your new layout is very clean and fresh. Shows up your photos beautifully. I think I like it. xxoo