Friday, February 03, 2012

This is not a cooking blog!

Now that we've got that settled,
I'll share a few photos of tonite's dinner.
Above is my very first smoked salmon.
Not to say that I've never eaten smoked salmon before,
but I have never been the smoker!

Here's my nifty little stovetop smoker

It works really well on my gas range.
Even I can do this!  lol
For years, I've depended upon C to do the smoking -
outdoors and even in the rain and snow!
Now I can do it myself...and inside!

Don't these little pieces of salmon look delish?

They were every bit as good as they looked!
I served them on thinly sliced pieces of toasted baguette,
with a little creme fresh and dill

Dinner was grilled tuna on rosemary skewers 
and Italian White Bean Salad.

After yesterday's class, I invested in a lovely cast iron stovetop grill -
just another means of independence in the winter months!

I did spend a couple of hours printing in the studio earlier this afternoon.
I hope to have photos to share tomorrow....
so stay tuned!

Bon Appetit!



Jeannie said...

Now, I could get excited about some fresh smoked salmon! It looks yummy. I may have to learn how to cook! LOL! Have a fantastic weekend!

Teodo said...

Oh I'm sorry to live so far away from you......your salmon is a pleasure for the eyes and I think for the palate too.
ciao Linda

diane said...

And to think I have one of these stove-top smokers. After seeing your photos, it's coming out of the cabinet!! Lovely and yummy-looking.

Carol said...

Oh my! Now I'm really hungry. Radicchio as a substitute for proscuitto - now that's an idea. I'll have to try it.