Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Deconstructing the Screen

I did a lot of deconstructed screen printing last summer.
My good friend Robin suggested that a 
Dusty Miller leaf
might make a great resist on one of my screens.
I prepared a screen with one
and then ran out of time to play with it.
So it has been sitting patiently 
waiting for me to come out to play.....
until yesterday!!

Here's the screen before printing:

The first photo on today's blog post is of 
my third pull with the print paste -
came out nicely!

Below is one of the later pulls,
after the leaf image had totally deconstructed.
I love it.

This is my work table after I was finished

The reddish-brown tones that you see are
from previous dye jobs on the cloth covering my work table -
underneath the piece of silk.
That color will not be in my final piece.

I have a plan for this piece, 
so stay tuned!!



Patty said...

That is a lovely work table! Been wanting to do screen printing. When the weather warms up...

Connie Rose said...

Really lovely prints. I haven't DSPed in a couple of years -- funny how time flies!

Gerrie said...

Oh so yummy. Kerr is coming in June to teach for our guild. She is staying with me. I can't wait.

Quilt or Dye said...

Hope you don't mind, I posted a link on the Fire blog to your great work!


Kit Lang said...

Here from Fire - these are wonderful!

Beth said...

Great work. That's another great thing about deconstructing. Once those screens are dry they can be kept and pulled out on a rainy day!! or when there's a blog challenge.

Jeannie said...

Loverly! Your worktable is so inspiring! Hope your day is sunny and full of good things.

komodori said...

I'm with you--the more the leaf pattern deconstructs the better I like it!

Karen S said...

Visiting from fire too -- I love this -- you've given me some real inspiration!