Monday, March 05, 2012

Another Field Trip

Yesterday was a beautiful day -
cooler than it has been,
and a bit blustery,
but beautiful nonetheless.
We grabbed the boys and
my new camera and
hopped in the car.
Destination: Oakland Cemetery.
I love it there -
smack dab in the heart of Atlanta,
overlooking Downtown,
beautiful flowers,
great sculpture,
and oodles of history.

I'll share a few shots
and let your mind wander.

Six Feet Under:
one of our favorite haunts (I couldn't help myself!) - just across the street

Margaret Mitchell is one of Oakland's most famous residents

Maynard Jackson, twice Mayor of Atlanta, is another.

You can read more about Oakland Cemetery here.


1 comment:

Jeannie said...

I was looking at the photos, taking in all the beauty. Then I arrived at 6 feet under! I laughed out loud. Thanks!