Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Hanging in San Antonio

We hung our Art Cloth Mastery 2010 class show
at the Radius Gallery on Monday.
I think I'm accurate to say that every one of the twelve of us
felt like our dream had come true....
and we couldn't believe it was 
finally happening!

the space at the Radius before we began

it takes a village!

a group effort

our fearless leader 
adjusting the lights 
an extremely tall ladder

shots from our celebratory dinner
later that evening
at La Fonda on Main:

Leslie Rego, Shirley Metcalf, Laurie Brainerd

Karen Terckes, Annalisa Jose

Ann Graham, Jean Dahlgren, Diane Sandlin


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Karen said...

Congratulations on this show Judy, wish I could see it