Saturday, March 31, 2012

Show & Tell

Our official 
Twelve Voices from One 
show blog will not be published
until next week -
I am waiting for our photographers to edit their pics -
so until then, I will not be showing photos from the opening.
That is only fair.
Above is my colleague Shirley Metcalf, reflecting on her work,
while standing in front of one of my pieces, "Killin' the Blues".

I snapped these two pics yesterday while admiring the gardens
at our San Antonio B & B, O'Casey's.
Later in the day, we drove on to Houston,
stopping along the way to admire the painted churches
in Praha and High Hill.
Here are a few shots of the marvelous interiors:

and here is my handsome & charming traveling companion:

we are off to the Rothko Chapel!



Margarita Korioth said...

I'm waiting for those pictures, especially yours!

Elizabeth said...

Playing catch up!!! great pictures- can't wait to see the blog pictures of the final show- your pieces are amazing and I love the complexity of Letter's Home!!

BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I have to say the shot that stopped me here is this darling little boy!! Reminds me so much of my Matthew!!! What a love he is- lucky you!!! Look at that tender smile!!!!