Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Really Happening!

Our 2010 Art Mastery Class
with Jane Dunnewold
will be graduating
in two short weeks!
Two and one half years 
of study and work
is about to come to fruition!
Above is our postcard invitation
for our show at the Radius Gallery
in San Antonio,
with a slice of work from
each of the twelve of us
on the left side.
It's a very bittersweet time.
I've enjoyed getting to know
eleven talented, loving and giving women.
Will we ever all get together again?
It will never be the same,
and I'm sad about that.

My classmate and good friend Diane Sandlin
has been named Executive Director of SDA!
What a huge boon for SDA!
I cannot think of a person more qualified
to fill that position.
Way to go Diane!!

Below is a little corner of the over dyed
turq piece.
It has a mind of its own -
not behaving as I had planned.
So it is once again hanging on my design wall
and we are doing the waiting game.



Jeannie said...

I love the postcard. Even with just a little slice of the quilts, I see variety and amazing talent! Sometimes fabric acts like a toddler going through the terrible twos. Time for a time out! xo

Gerrie said...

It was easy to find your piece. Big kudos to you for completing this.

Beverly said...

Congratulations, I have no doubt the show will be spectacular. What a treasure to spend two years learning with Jane!

Teodo said...

Congratulations Judy for this exciting
Congratulations for the wonderful post card where I can see that all your works are fantastic.
ciao ciao Linda

Carol said...

Congratulations, dear Judy! What a wonderful learning time you have had. The invitation is gorgeous and your slice of course is very special. What an amazing group of women! xxoo

Russ Little said...

Congratulations Judy. Well done.