Friday, March 16, 2012

What If?

As I exercise, whether it be walking my dogs
or at the gym,
I'm often deep in thought about the pieces of silk
that I am currently working on.
While on the Elliptical Machine this morning,
several 'what ifs' crossed my mind.

So I dashed home, 
grabbed another piece of silk,
and started trying some different techniques.
Here's how the silk looks now.
We're spending tomorrow and Sunday with Charlie (big grin here!),
so the silk will have more than enough time to batch.

I'm really hoping that I've stumbled upon 
something awesomely cool!
We shall see.

When I finish using print paste
I take the remainders and apply 
them to a silk screen dedicated to
deconstructed screen printing.
This screen is about full:

It should be dry when we get home.
I hope I'll have time to play with it.



Gerrie said...

Those photos are all gorgeous to me. Wow!!

Carol said...

Fascinating and beautiful!