Friday, March 09, 2012


.....after the oatmeal washout.......
My Wordless Wednesday photo was with the oatmeal -
but not from my breakfast, as Lisa had suggested.
I'm pleased with how it looks.

2nd layer - applied late yesterday afternoon
we'll have to wait for the washout to see how it looks -
are you as impatient as I????

3rd layer - applied this morning
it is resting comfortably in my studio
I, on the other hand, cannot
wait to wash it out!

I want to get on with the next step!!!

happy weekend!!



Gerrie said...

Love those blues!

Jeannie said...

Beautiful cloth! The top photo looks like the sky view from my window. Patience dear, it will be worth the wait. LOL!

Teodo said...
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Teodo said...

Wonderful color.
I've done one with Melanie Testa using "soya" and when I washed it the result was amazing.

ciao ciao Linda