Sunday, March 04, 2012

Photo Ops

I received a wonderful new camera
this past Christmas,
and I've barely had time to learn to use it.
I'm presently devoting free time to 
reading the manual and shooting pics!
practice, practice, practice

Above is a new detail shot of "Letters Home".

Here are my boys:

I'm learning to manually shoot photos of
the ever-in-motion 9-month-old Bosco.
He is in the process of dismantling
his Christmas gift.

He was in constant motion as I shot these.
click, click, click - sounded like my friend Fox,
the professional photographer.

Barker is far easier to shoot.
At eight years, he is mellow and oh so sweet.

.....and always ready for a nap!

C has been under the weather with a bad cold
for over a week now.
So our normally hectic time at the condo 
has turned into much R&R.
That gives me time to Zentangle!

Hope your weekend is photogenic and peaceful.



Eva Hagbjärn said...
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Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely pics of lovely dogs :)
Have fun with your new camera!
I've a Nikon but it's "old" now :(


Jeannie said...

Loverly photos of Barker and Bosco! And the close up of Letters Home is beautiful. I must start zentangling, I love the designs you are creating. Hope C feels better soon. xo

Eva said...

Great shots! This camera will give us much clearer glimpses of your lovely work and will do it more justice. The header pic is just gorgeous! And also the print detail of the "home" piece. Love it and the "boys" portraits!

Diana Angus said...

Letters home is wonderful! I hope Barker is feeling better. Maybe he is just sleepy in his picture.

Good luck with your exhibition!