Friday, March 23, 2012

San Antonio - at last!

My morning began at our condo
in Atlanta.
After walking the doggies
and a little breakfast,
I played around with another 
I love these funky doodles!

Recently I purchased a few more
Zentangle 'tools'

The pens on the left are Faber Castell
PITT pens in warm grey.
They make shading a breeze -
and shading is really a plus when you're tangling.
I am now using three Micron pens: 02, 05, and 08.
And, last but not least, 
the pens on the far right are Copic markers
with both a thin and a thick point.
I love them ALL.

My flight for San Antonio departed a little after 2:00,
but I like to arrive at the airport early -
less stress and I can have a look around.
I was lucky that I was leaving from the International Concourse
because I got to enjoy the Recycle Runway exhibit
that my friend Jean had urged me to see.
It was fabulous!

The dress above was made from recycled plastic grocery bags.
It may sound tacky, but take a look at the photos
on the link - these dresses are real works of art.

I also enjoyed a yummy lunch! 
I know, I know: at the airport - a yummy lunch???
I'll bet I've lost all credibility now, haven't I?
Well, let me explain:
the International Concourse has a very upscale restaurant,
One Flew South.
I've eaten there before and enjoyed it, so
I returned today.
The sushi was really delicious!

Four of my classmates are here tonight, 
so we got together and went to the River Walk for dinner.
What a beautiful evening!

We lingered after dinner,
talking about our class, our art,
our hopes and aspirations.
Jane did such a great job of putting this group together.
We are ALL very, very close
and it is going to be difficult to leave these wonderful friends.
This will be a bittersweet week.



Gina said...

What an excellent exhibit, the Recycle Runway! Thanks for the link. (and fun zentangle!)

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Welcome to San Antonio! See you on Thursday when your exhibition opens. I'm looking forward to it!