Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stitch Therapy

I'm trying to pack up my bags -
leaving for San Antonio 
in the morning.
I'm in love with Rayna Gillman's new book,
and I find myself stealing away
to my sewing room
when I should be packing my bags!

peace to you!


Gerrie said...

Have fun! Wish I could be there, too.

Beverly said...

Travel safe, and enjoy San Antonio! I'll be looking for plenty of photos--

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Have a nice trip!


Elizabeth said...

As soon as I saw this I said to myself that Judy must be channeling Rayna today!!! Didn't know you were off to San Antonio!! Have a grand time!!!

Any sign of your primroses?????

Rayna said...

Yep, it's addictive! Have fun with Jane.

komodori said...

I hope you have a wonderful, safe, mind-blowing trip to SA. Con-graduations! XR

Patty said...

I'm working with Rayna's book too and loving it. Have fun!