Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Our weeping cherry
(a gift from my Mom)
is in full bloom.

I wanted to include the lovely poem
by Mary Oliver
but was having great difficulty
getting the verse to line up properly.
if you care,
you may read it here.

The boys and I spent a blissful morning
wandering about the yard and garden:
I taking photographs,
they chasing eachother
and frolicking over a golf ball -
such a treasure!

The azaleas are popping!

The redbuds are in full bloom.

The Daphne is dressed in its 2012 foliage
with only a few blooms remaining.

My Hellebores are also 
on the wane.
This was a gift from my dear friend
Lou Fockele -
many years ago.
A treasured remembrance
of a great man!

Some tulips bloom year after year
here in Georgia -
but not many!
Talk about will power and stamina!

Happy Spring!

Last night we watched a great film 
on Netflix on demand:
The photography is spectacular,
and the message is vital!



Teodo said...

Happy Spring to you.
ciao linda

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely spring flowers and pictures. Our spring hasn't arrived yet :(
Happy Spring!

KRAM to you all

Diane Doran said...

These are so pretty! My tulips aren't quite open, and I'm really hoping the deer don't eat them before they bloom.