Sunday, March 18, 2012


We arrived home late this afternoon
from our day of keeping Charlie -
his first night without his parents!
(It went beautifully, by the way!)
I washed out the piece of silk
that I showed pictures of on Friday,
so it had batched for a good 48 hours,
but that wasn't necessary nor the point of the exercise.

What I did was use print paste plus and a resist.
Not a big deal, I know, but after I've done a bit more research
I'll explain more about why this intrigues me.
I love the watercolor effect plus
the added texture (particularly in the top photo)
from the resist.

As for Charlie -
he is such a trooper, putting up with two oldsters!
He is now calling me MiMi very clearly -
talk about melting my heart!  Whew!
C wants to be called G-Daddy, 
as that was the tradition in his family.
So Charlie is calling him "Addy" -
it's very, very cute!

Hope your weekend was as spectacular as ours!


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Carol said...

How gorgeous, having Charlie learning to talk. MiMi and Addy are lovely names. So pleased to hear Charlie's first night away from Mom and Dad went well. Lucky you, to have the opportunity.

Judy, I'm giving away a book on my blog today, so I'd love you to visit and put yourself in the running. And any of your readers of course. xxoo