Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gone South

We are in the Florida Keys,
Islamorada, to be exact.
This handsome young man ate lunch with us today.
This is a Great Egret, in full breeding plumage.
Isn't he exquisite?

We are having a whirlwind trip,
 visiting long-time friends,
revisiting old favorite haunts,
taking care of some untended business,
and going to a couple baseball games
at stadiums that were not yet erected when we lived in south Florida.

One of our first stops was Frankie's Pizza on Bird Road.
It was our all-time favorite when we lived in Miami,
and we were so happy to learn that it is still alive and thriving.
(oh, and yes: Frankie also rents UHauls!)

I'm glad to know that Frankie hasn't yielded to pressure and changed
the pizza that we knew and loved so much:

and yes, they still put the little 'bite' on the top of the box,
just so you can munch on it on your drive home.
MMMMM: was it delish!

We had tickets to the Marlins/Pirates game last night
at the new Marlins stadium.
What a great venue: 
very modern,
extremely polite staff,
good food,
enthusiastic crowd,
and the home team won!

As you can see from the photo above, there were thunderstorms all around
last evening.  The stadium has a roof, so once we got inside we were dry.
It was a lovely night!

Tonight we are dining at another old favorite: Marker 88.
I'll report on that tomorrow.



Jeannie said...

It looks like you are having a fine time! I love your dining companion. We have Snowy Egrets, so I can imagine how large your friend must be. C is envious of your evening. LOL! We did the stadiums in the Northeast, but not the South - yet! Have fun!!!!

Carol said...

Your Great Egret is magnificent! That beautiful coloured patch in front of his eye is the most wonderful green. Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. xox