Thursday, May 17, 2012

You can't go home again......

This is Hoppy.
He enjoys his noonday snacks at the Lorelei 
in Islamorada.
I was lucky enough to snap a few shots of him
today as he was grooming.
Isn't he special?

Thirty-plus years ago, Islamorada was a special place for us.
We would go there to escape the craziness of Miami and our jobs.
It was a sleepy little fishing village.
Now it is very commercial.
Marker 88, our longtime favorite restaurant,
is as commercial as everything else.
We were so saddened by this.
But yet, we knew in our hearts that it would be this way.

Hoppy is an amazing guy, isn't he?
He has survived the craziness!
Wish that I were Poppy!

We drove from Islamorada to Naples this afternoon.
It's an interesting ride through south Florida:
mangroves, Miccosukee, manmade madness.
One of my Mom's last wishes was to have her ashes scattered 
in the Gulf of Mexico
where she had scattered my Dad's in 1986.
She would never have requested this,
but when I suggested it,
she teared up and agreed that that was indeed
her wish.

It was difficult to let her go,
but I was strengthened by C's presence
and also knowing that this was where my Mom wanted to be.

I'm so glad to have this day behind me.
Rest In Peace, Mom.



Carol said...

Dearest Judy, what a beautiful thing you've done for your Mom. I know how hard it was and I'm glad too that this day is over for you. What a beautiful photo of the Gulf. Love, Carol xox

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a pretty bird, almost human.

What a nice place to get one's ashes scattered.

Have you in my thoughts.


Diane said...

You're the best! xxoo

Jeannie said...

As Diane said, you're the best! You care so deeply about family, friends, flora and fauna. One of the many reasons you are loved. xoxo

Beverly said...

What a special trip this must have been- sad but special. Rest easy knowing your mother is where she wanted to be- in this beautiful and peaceful place. May you have peace also on this journey--


Diana Angus said...

How touching. The fact that you are willing to share this personal act is evidence that you are at peace.

Sending warm thoughts your way,


komodori said...

What a lovely place for Ruth's final spot. It is so hard to let go, at least it was for me with Dad's ashes. Your mom was a dear soul, and you are a wonderful daughter. Love to you and C.

Elizabeth said...

Knowing that you did what she wanted but was afraid to ask of you, has got to help!! She is always with you! Hugs! E

Barbara said...

What a wonderful thing to do for your Mom. I have tears in my eyes. Hugs to you dear Judy!