Monday, May 21, 2012

just a few more......

We have an old favorite drive 
in the southern tip of the Everglades, almost to Naples, FL.
There are normally some spectacular waterfowl species there.
Apparently there's been enough rain that the birds
are able to remain deep in the swamp,
out of our view.
That said, I did spot a few critters that I don't normally see here in Georgia -
like the handsome fellow above.

an immature Cormorant
I love his feathers - look at them closely!
they are different because he swims almost entirely under water
and these feathers help keep him afloat

an Ibis -
one of my favorites!

an Anhinga,
drying his wings after a swim

We arrived home late Saturday evening,
but I managed to eke out a little studio time
 in between loads of laundry yesterday.
I was greeted by this beautiful Amaryllis
blooming outside my studio window.

This plant had belonged to my Mom,
and I had brought it home while cleaning out her room after her death last July.
It spent the Winter forgotten and covered with leaves.
 I resurrected what I though was a dead plant in the early Spring.
Isn't it lovely!



Gerrie said...

Love all of these photos. Must have been a lovely trip with C. Enjoy your special day.

Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday! I love the top lizard. I didn't know that about cormorants! I usually see them on the beach eating fish or on a pier. Loverly photos! I am envious of being able to plant your amarylis outside. I dig mine up every fall and move them inside with the occassional gift of a flower in April. I love that your Mom's plants continue to give you gifts of color. Now go have a fun day!

Connie Rose said...

I must've missed that it's your birthday, so have a good one! Re: the amaryllis...plants just want to grow! Glad it came back, what a lovely remembrance of your mom. xo

Eva Hagbjärn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY! I hope you have had a fabulous day.
Lovely pictures of beautiful birds.


Carol said...

Happy slightly late Birthday, Judy! Lovely photos of your wild friends and I'm so pleased your Mom's amaryllis has produced so beautifully. oxo