Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Without power

My MBP power cord has failed!! So I'm attempting to post from my iPhone!

C got me a new, more energy efficient fridge for my studio. Here's the old one:

This is the new one:

Here's the interior

That's the old fridge, here's the new one:

I'd post more, but this is a real challenge! You'd better leave a comment!


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Jeannie said...

OK, OK, I'll comment!!! LOL! That is a sweet fridge! Take care!

Karen Rips said...

I've never attempted to post from my phone, so congratulations!

Gerrie said...

Good job!! I didn't dare not leave a comment. LOL

Beverly said...

So you found or replaced your iPhone! Last I knew, you'd lost it on the golf course.

I got one for Mother's Day, and I love it- but I have yet to attempt to post on my blog from it!

And yes, that is a sweet little frig.

Gina said...

I was just thinking what a nice new fridge you have but when I got to the end of your post and read your comment I thought I'd better leave my thoughts .... I do admire that you were able to post with your iphone! That's coming from someone who doesn't have a smart phone because I find cell phones too tiny just for phone use so I really admire your use of your phone!

Carol said...

Well done! I've posted once from my phone using the Blogger app. Same as on my iPad, and I can't figure how to get the photos in any sort of order, let alone put text between them. xox