Thursday, May 31, 2012


My wonderful friend Jeannie sent me 
a fabulous goody box for my recent birthday.
One of the contents was a jar of
Jacquard's Color Magnet,
which I had on my wish list, but had not yet ordered.
Today I had time to play with it!
Above is the result of brushing the Color Magnet
on my hand-carved feather stamp,
stamping it on silk charmeuse,
and then applying ProChem's 400 blue.
The interesting thing about this sample is
that I couldn't see even the faintest bit of the dye magnet liquid
on the silk charmeuse.
I figured that this test piece was wasted.

This is my favorite hibiscus Tyvek stencil.
I cut the Tyvek (also a gift from Jeannie)
with an exacto knife,
so that the petals and stamen were removed,
then the piece of Tyvek was taped to the face of a silkscreen
and the Color Magnet was screened onto the silk charmeuse.
The Color Magnet consistency is thinner than the print paste
that I like to use for silk screening.
I didn't use a heavy enough hand on the area around the stamen.
Still, you get the idea.

I used a Thermofax screen in order to apply these birds
to the silk charmeuse.
I'm pleased with how these worked!

This is another of my Thermofax screens.
Because the Color Magnet consistency is thin,
it can easily spread under the screen -
if you're not careful!
That's what happened on the right side of this piece,
where that blob is.

It seems that I'm on a blue kick these days,
but actually I was just using up some 400 that I had mixed for another piece.
I hope to share photos of that one tomorrow.

One of the things that I like about the Color Magnet is
that once it has been set,
you can dye your piece by low water immersion -
no need for using thickened dyes.
Of course, Jacquard cautions you to work in a well-ventillated area.
The hand of the silk did not seem to be affected.

Stay tuned for more about the above piece tomorrow!



Thelma said...

Love your results! I am going to have to get me some of this to play with.

Jeannie said...

Play time indeed! You got glorious results. I am intrigued by the bottom photo. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous feather stamp!! Amazing stuff! how in the heck did I miss your birthday!?????? So sorry ! Happy Birthday dear girl!!!

Diane Doran said...

Thank you for posting this! I had not heard about the color magnet and now will have to get some and play with it.

Carol said...

Great stuff, Judy, I am really enjoying these posts.