Friday, June 01, 2012

More Play

As promised,
I'm back with more results from Thursday's play day.
You may know that I love to experiment with different resists.
My interest was piqued a few years ago
while studying with Jane Dunnewold,
and reading my friend Lisa Kerpoe's blog.
Coincidentally, Maria Elkins has written an article comparing four resists,
 appearing in the most recent Quilting Arts magazine.
Lisa wrote about Jacquard's water based resist earlier this week,
and reading Lisa's blog posts, coupled with Maria's article,
I found more play with resist simply irresistible - pardon me!

So, all that said (I hate to be so wordy),
above is a photo of a piece of silk charmeuse
that I screened (Thermofax)
with Elmer's washable clear school glue.
NOTE: this is NOT the blue school gel!!!!
I dried it with my handy hair dryer
and then simply spooned on some ProChem celery dye.
- no print paste thickener -
I figured the entire motif would disappear,
but it did not!
It batched for 2 hours in my studio, at about 80 degrees.

I'm also playing around with salt and Procion MX dyes.
I haven't gotten the results I want to be just yet.....
but I'm working at it!

You can see a bit of the salt working above.
I love it!!!

Above is a particularly nasty piece, 
but it serves several purposes:
I was using up some leftover dyes,
trying out the Elmer's washable clear school glue as a resist
working on the salting.
The Elmer's got drawn on straight out of the bottle,
the leftover ugly dyes were spooned on (unthickened),
and the salt was applied immediately thereafter.
You can see the salting in the upper left.

Here I've used my bird Thermofax screen
to apply Jacquard's water based resist.
I hadn't had particularly good results with this resist in the past,
but Lisa encouraged me to work with it....
so here I am!

here's a detail shot of some salt on the bird wing

This is my favorite result!
I know, you're saying'
"What the heck is that?"
Well, that's the point!
I had applied Jacquard's water based resist 
to the back of an oak leaf.
It behaved poorly -
if you want to see the leaf, that is.
But I love how it looks!
I did use thickened Pro Chem celery on this piece.
I'm sure if one were to apply celery to
rayon or cotton,
the results would clearly look like celery.....
but I really like that it doesn't do that on my silk!

and thanks for taking the time to wade through this!


Jeannie said...

Very interesting, my dear! I wonder why the dye doesn't seep under the glue. Is the clear easier to use than the blue? Hope your weekend continues to be as fun filled!

Carol said...

I love reading about your experiments. Your enthusiasm is so full of joy. xox