Saturday, June 09, 2012

Busy Times

We waited to be enrolled in Obedience School until
our lives quieted down a little bit.
But, seriously, does that ever happen??????

Bosco celebrated his first birthday on May 30th -
sadly, without much fanfare.
And off to Obedience School we went.
I am proud to say that both he and I are surviving grandly!
Last night was session #2,
and as we rounded the slalom course that our instructor had set up,
I could hear her cheering and saying,
"That's a beautiful poodle doing what poodles do so well"!
I was very proud of my baby boy!

I snapped these pics of Bosco this morning as I was working in my garden.
He loves to be out on the patio with me, 
just nosing around.

Although they are technically not related,
both Bosco and Barker have that regal stance.
But Bosco is a total clown -
don't let looks deceive you!

Barker is now the elderly gent -
so sweet and gentle.
He plays with Bosco a little bit,
but always lets him know when it's time to stop.

I've finished two knitting projects this week!
Here's my cotton cardigan

all it needs is a little blocking
and I'll be wearing it.

I have another inch to knit on a great vest,
and then that will be completed as well.
I will post more pictures soon.

Our CSA baskets are arriving weekly now
from the local Farmers' Market.
This is the salad lunch I prepared the other day

you can see the very fresh (and sweet!) lettuce,
fresh radishes and beets (roasted),
plus a bit of roasted carrots and kohlrabi.

I spent the morning playing in my garden.
It was cool and overcast: perfect!
I planted this bunch of Calla Lilies three years ago.
This year I was rewarded with ten blooms!
I love Callas!

Spiderplants reseed every year -
I never know where they'll show up!

There's a large gardenia beside the bedroom window 
next to my side of the bed:

They are smelling very sweet right now!

And this is the first year that our two new blueberry bushes will bear fruit!

I'm clearing more 'natural area' in my garden
so that I can plant more blueberry bushes next Fall.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for dropping by!



Jeannie said...

Well, I now have a bad case of garden envy! I love callas, but they struggle here. Gardenias are my favorites. Every corsage for school dances and my wedding were gardenias. Bosco does look so very regal in the photos. Star students - congrats!

Anonymous said...

Great photos and comments, Judy. We missed you in Chicago last weekend. See my FB page for photos of our trip. JIII and family are "here" tho he is now in Chicago on business and Ale, who finally got her U.S.resident visa and can now leave the country, is in bed at her parents' house with a cold, so we will probably spend the day (our 45th wedding anniversary) with the little ones. What better way to celebrate all our years together!
xxoo to all,

Carol said...

Gorgeous photos of your beautiful boys! Very regal, though I know it's an act with Bosco. Barker is so handsome and thoughtful, please give him a cuddle for me.
Your roasted vegetables have made me hungry. Yum!
Just last night Kaz and I were saying how much we love Callas and Arums, and there's your lovely photo of 10 blooms. I love seeing what's in your garden. xox