Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Update

This is a detail shot of my new vest, 
the "Chunky Vest" designed by Rosemary Drysdale.
My friend Bernice wore one of the same design and yarn
to our knitting group last winter and we all fell in love with it.
The pattern is out of print 
but with loads of help from the internet and Google
I was able to find not only the pattern but also the yarn,
(in a different color way from Bernice's)
for which it was designed.
I love it!

Almost thirty years ago, 
I was doing a lot of Blackwork Embroidery 
and learned it from a book by the same Rosemary Drysdale.
Amazing how we both have evolved.
But I digress!

Here's the front:

modeled by my faithful friend Ethel.
The green on the collar and front bands is deeper and much richer.

And this is the back:

As you can see, I have yet to weave in the loose ends of yarn,
and the sides need to be sewn up.
Then I will block it,
so that it will be ready to slip on with the first frosty days of Autumn.

We went to see "the Waffle Palace" yesterday afternoon
at the Horizon Theater in Little Five Points.
It's based on the never-a-dull-moment life in a local Georgia 'diner' chain,
the Waffle House,
and I must say we both found it
true to life and quite hilarious.
Larry Larson, one of the play writes, is in the cast.
The acting is fantastic, with several extremely versatile cast members.
If you live in the Atlanta area,
be sure to go see it -
it runs through July 1.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a light dinner at
which is just down the street in Inman Park.
We both devoured the Gazpacho.
Mine was followed by the yummy grilled sardines,
while C had a cold meat plate.

It's cool and rainy here -
and promises to be for much of the week.
What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?



Gerrie said...

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, finally!!

Connie Rose said...

Love the vest!

Jeannie said...

It is a quiet, sunny week here at the ranch. Your vest is beautiful. I love the colors and the texture from the yarn.

Diana Angus said...

Sorry Ethel, but this vest will look much better on Judy!

Lora Martin said...

Yummy looking vest! We are having our usual June gloom in the mornings here in Santa Barbara. So far, instead of clearing at 4:30 or 5:00pm, we are having sunny and 70 at 1:00pm when I walk home for lunch.

Carol said...

I do like your vest, and the colour combinations are wonderful.
Lots of winter rain here just north of Sydney Aust., and there have been huge, scary storms all up and down our east coast. Our garden is completely waterlogged, lots of squelching going on, to the delight of the children.