Saturday, July 07, 2012

Art, Food, and Artful Food

this morning's sketch:
and, no, it's not a radish or even a Japanese eggplant!

It's a purple-hulled green bean....
and I was in a hurry!
note to self: allow plenty of time when sketching!!

I did finish this page however,
and since it's only my third page,
I'm pretty pleased!

We had dinner at one of our new favorite restaurants 
in Midtown on Thursday evening:
It is almost directly across the street from our condo -
and we feel lucky about that!
The chef is very adventurous and changes the menu almost daily.
This is the Consomme Gazpacho that C and I shared:

It was so very, very good!
I thick of gazpacho as being a very thick puree,
but as you can see, this was indeed a consommé.
That said, it tasted just like gazpacho.
We researched the recipe and learned that the veggies are pureed
and then strained through several layers of cheesecloth -
a process that takes several hours or overnight.
The small round white things are delicate little mushrooms,
and the larger white clump is crabmeat.
It was so yummy -
I think I could have enjoyed a quart!

This was the beautiful heirloom tomato small plate.

I think the cheese was called Stackhouse.
It was a stinky cheese -
just as we like it! -
and a perfect compliment to the sweet tomatoes.



Jeannie said...

I love that bean! I hope it is as tasty as it is pretty. Hey, you are drawing! Your meal looks so yummy. Have a fun day tomorrow.

Jane LaFazio said...

your page looks great!