Sunday, July 08, 2012

Gifts from Afar!

My Swedish cousin Eva and I
exchange gifts twice a year.
It is always fun.
Eva is very artistic and finds the most unusual and thoughtful gifts.
She wraps them beautifully.
So, she is a hard act to follow!!....
but I try!
When our summer package arrived,
I wanted to wait to open it with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson.
So, we've waited a while now.
And then we ran out of time when we were together last week
at the Aquarium.
C and I gave in to temptation and opened our gifts yesterday.

The best part this summer is
that Eva made most everything!
I love handmade gifts,
and I really appreciate them.
They take a lot of time and thought.

This is a box of chocolates - crocheted and embroidered chocolates!
So they are not fattening!
Aren't they great!!
I believe Eva also constructed the box.

Here are the rest of the gifts in our package:

There's a crocheted Snoopy bookmark for the reader/pilot in the family,
crocheted golf and strawberry key chains,
a telescoping back scratcher (so handy!!),
a ribbon curler/shredder,
colorful and petite emery boards
(great for my purse)
and a fun Feng Shui book!

Thank you Eva!!!



Jeannie said...

What fun! The box of chocolates is so cute and the back scratcher will come in handy during mosquito season. Have a wonder week!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I'm glad the package arrived safely and that you liked them =)
You can have the back scratcher in your purse/hand bag too ;-)

Kram Eva

Eva Hagbjärn said...

By the way. Yes I've made the box too :)