Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to Nature

Eco Dyeing seems to be bringing me back to
And that is very, very good!!
First thing this morning,
I clipped my overgrown mint.
Into the pot it went,
and next thing you know,
I was eco dyeing and printing
two more packets.

My sister-in-law Molly
sent me an envelope full of 
Eucalyptus leaves.
I wrapped my first bundle of those lovely leaves yesterday.
Here's one spreading its dye on some silk crepe.
I'll get to open this bundle in
three long weeks.
Don't worry:
I'll be sure to share it with you then!



Jeannie said...

The color of the eucalyptus seeping into the silk is gorgeous!

Carol said...

What Jeannie said! Gorgeous! Our eucalypt leaves have a great colour range, orange, yellow, red, at different times. Do they do that in the States? Maybe I'll have to read India to find out all about it.