Sunday, July 22, 2012

Red Cabbage & Family Matters

There was one head of red cabbage
in our CSA basket
 that was not consumed.
It sat, feeling dejected, in our veggie bin
until I rescued it, taking it to my studio fridge.
It remained there, rather content, for several weeks -
until, that is, this afternoon.
I chopped it 
 boiled it,
strained it -
and added 
water, vinegar, and a rusty nail
 to make a suitable dye bath.

My silk is now drowsing
in it's red cabbage soup,
surrounded by Eucalyptus leaves,
waiting for its

In the meantime,
our little Charlie came to visit,
along with his parents.
It was 'Addy's' birthday!
(Addy = Grand Daddy)

We swam on Friday night,
entertained beloved cousins for Saturday lunch,
and then enjoyed 
part of a minor league baseball game in the evening.

The rains departed late last night.
We're not complaining -
we loved the rain -
and so today we could swim!

Like his 'Addy',
Charlie loves trains!
They enjoyed watching YouTubes
of trains
this afternoon.

More than my obsession with dyeing silk,
I enjoy watching
my two men 
enjoying eachother.



Jeannie said...

You dye pot looks good enough to eat! I love the photos of Charlie at the game, staring so intently! A guy and his trains. ;) I think maybe a mini engineer cap for Charlie and G-Daddy? Happy Birthday, C!!!

Gerrie said...


imquilternity said...

Great weekend! Seeing you with Charlie reminds me of how much I miss my niece and nephew!

I'm anxious to see the dyeing results of your red cabbage and eucalyptus leaves. I'll bet it's going to be gorgeous!

Barbara said...

What a wonderful post Judy! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.


Carol said...

Not sure which part of this post I enjoyed most. The red cabbage is gorgeous! What a colour!
And then those absolutely wonderful photos of Charlie and the game, and the trains... Priceless!