Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting Things Done!

Peggy, in her Woman with Wings blog, 
wrote that yesterday was "a waxing moonday in the sign of Capricorn. 
In other words, it is a working moonday -- Capricorn energy is all about discipline, ambition, and accomplishment."  
Even before reading her blog, I was amazed at how much I was getting done!  I had called to schedule two appointments that had been on the back burner for a very long time.  One was taken care of today, 
and the other will be tomorrow.  
This world is a strange and mysterious place,
 and I think we know very little about how we humans relate to it.  
I'm really ok with that, 
and rather enjoy being small potatoes in this enormous universe.

I was delighted to find this colorful bundle 
in my studio this morning!
I love the red that I've gotten!
I can't wait to open it....
it's on the calendar for August 20th!...
stay tuned!

I carried a bag on my morning walk
with the boys today.
The Poke Berries are beginning to ripen
Here are some waiting to be rolled up 
on my silk:

You can see a bit of a stain on the silk already!
I didn't realize that when the berries fell,
their 'holders' were beautiful flowers:

Makes sense though:
these were the flowers that made the berries
to begin with.
Lovely, aren't they?

Here's my little bundle with the poke berries -
all set for its bath:

And this is what is living on the limb
that the silk bundle is rolled upon:

Since I'm all new to this eco dyeing and printing,
I have no idea what this limb will contribute 
to the silk.


I found this lovely little fragile plant 
growing along side our driveway
(in the shade)
yesterday afternoon.
Its color is so neutral that I barely saw it.
I photographed it with a piece of card stock behind it:

Here's another photo,
which I hope you can see,
illustrates how the 'flower' comes from the ground:

and here is a detail shot of the little flowers:

Do any of you know what this plant is?
I've never seen anything like it before!


And lastly, I will close with a few canine shots.
The boys spent today at the groomers.
They adore Brenda, and she loves them too!
That said, I know it is a strain for them,
being away from home all day,
so I picked up some 'liver brownies'
at Pet Pleasers.
They love liver brownies!

At 14 months, Bosco has become his own dog:

he is learning to behave,
with the help of Obedience School,
(and liver brownies)
 he is very protective,
......and he is a huge clown!



Peggy said...

I loved reading this, Judy. Strange and mysterious and crazy good!

Another great bundle, you're going to have some great reveals in August. Your boys are too cute...will have to check out those liver brownies to see what magic they can work around here!

Gerrie said...

You know I love photos of your boys. I have a question about eco dyeing. Do you need a mordant as you do with natural dyeing?

Jeannie said...

Oh, oh! Gerrie's curiousity is awakening. Is she going to go over to the dark side? LOL! I wish I could take all of Peggy's moon and herb knowledge and do a data transfer into my brain. She is amazing! Your bundle is beautiful. It would be fantastic if that magenta color printed with a little green from the lichen. Barker and Bosco, what adorable guys. I would roll on the grass too, for chocolate brownies! Have a great day!

Ginny Huber said...

I wonder how liver brownies would print!!??? Actually, loving seeing all your experiemnts with the eco-dye/eco-print, as I am new at it but have been admiringly addicted to it for a while..now, have jumped in..can't wait to see your orange..and am curious about the pokeberries on the silk..and what the lichens will do..have you been doing some with mordants and some sithout?

Carol said...

Have only heard of poke berries, now I've seen them. How beautiful! Lovely bundles coming from your studio. Very exciting.
The boys look so handsome, as always. Bosco really is growing up, isn't he? And what can I say about my friend Barker? Just love him? Liver brownies, sound delectable if you're a poodle...