Monday, July 09, 2012

Rolling Along

While at the gym this morning,
the beta endorphins suddenly kicked in and 
I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my piece of wet felting
from my class with Jane LaFazio.
So, I've begun embroidering on it!
Any guesses as to what it will be??

Speaking of wet felting,
Lea, one of my table mates in the class
shared a gorgeous piece of silk that she had dyed naturally.
It so inspired me that when I got home, 
I had to give the process another try.
Here is my first result,
hanging on the line drying.
(hence the light shining through in the upper portion)

Lea is graciously sharing her process
and I have put this piece back into the dye bath
in hopes of getting even more color.
I'm really pretty thrilled with it right now!

We bought some locally crafted Adirondack chairs
for the lake.
When Charlie comes to visit,
he enjoys puttering around down there,
and the chairs will be more comfy
(for his adult companions) than the grass.
I sat there for a while this evening,
and it was really lovely:
there was a cool breeze
and lots of birdsong.



imquilternity said...

Ok, I'm guessing it's going to be a iPad cover. Your adirondacks are calling to me. It would be so peaceful and relaxing to sit there and look out at the lake. You are very lucky!

Jeannie said...

I sit in our Adirondacks everyday, but I don't have the view or Charlie to amuse me.;)The are so comfortable. Your silk is gorgeous! The felt, I have no idea! LOL! I left my Martha Stewart brain at the grocery store.

Ginny Huber said...

I am thrilled too that you are getting into the natural dyeing as well..when I was in italy in may and took the eco-print workshop with Irit Dulman and a natural dyeing class at La Casa Clementina afterwards I was so delighted and ahve been looking for ways to combine these things with my other work. WIll look forward to seeing what else you do, Judy!

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Love the natural dyed silk. Natural dyes create such beautiful, soft colors.
Have you tried hibiscus tea? It makes a wonderful soft lilac color.