Friday, August 03, 2012

Rockin' Along

I printed some fern resist
on white canvas
with Elmer's Clear Washable School Glue
a few days ago.
It dried
and today I painted it with some
It is drying again, and then I will heat set it.
The color is not very true here -
I will photograph it again when dry.
I'm thinking this would make a really nice fabric 
for chair backs in our dining room.

This afternoon I steamed some red onion skins
and rose leaves.
Let's see how long I can wait to open this bundle!

I opened my first '3-week bundle' this afternoon!
This piece was wrapped around a rusty chain.

The fabric had been steeped in River Birch Leaves,
and some had been rolled up inside:

When this piece was batching,
I was still under the impression that it was a good thing
to keep my bundles rolled up in plastic -
hence the black mold spots on this piece.

This last picture is quite dramatic, I think:

This part of the silk is toward the very outer edge of the roll,
where the river birch liquor was strongest.



Jeannie said...

Judy, the river birch piece is amazing! It has an Oriental look to it. Love it!!!

lynda howells said...

I have just found your blog..what beautiful work and l have subscribed to l don't loose track of youxlynda

Ginny Huber said...

Hi, Judy! This is Marcia - I'm with my friend Ginny Huber and she can leave comments from her machine but I can't do that on mine. So, this is to say I follow you regularly and love hearing/seeing what you are up to. Carry on!

Robin said...

I'm swooning over your river birch piece, especially the last picture of the outer part of the fabric. What gives the pattern of fanned lines? I like the colors, but it's those lines that thrill me!

cri-cri said...

this with the glue is new for me , I´ll try it once ... and the other is amazing ...

Barbara said...

Hi Judy,

I love the fern piece! I would be interested in hearing more about that process. Your silk reveal is amazing too. I love the pattern from the chain.


Carol said...

One amazing piece after another! Just loving this expression of your art. xox