Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Awesome Texas Star!

As my dear friend Jeannie has told me,
I have gone over to the 'dark side':
eco dyeing and printing!
I love it!
I've always loved nature, and I spend a lot of time out of doors,
so this new love makes sense.
While walking our dogs a week or so ago,
I noticed that our neighbors had stunning red hibiscus blooming
behind their tennis courts.
We bumped into said neighbor, Bob, this morning
while we all were dog-walking....
and I asked if I could collect the fallen blossoms of his hibiscus.
He immediately shared that it was a Texas Star and
that I could take all that I wanted: 
leaves, blossoms, etc
and to please, please, please
prune the shrubs!
So, I have!!!

Isn't it a glorious blossom!
(that is the back-side - planted firmly on my silk!)
You can read lots about the Texas Star here.

So I clipped a few blossoms and some leaves
(Bob allowed that they looked like marijuana leaves -
how did he know????).
hmmmm: they should print well!

Here are my beauties being rolled -
check out the leaves!

I found it fascinating that when I pushed the stamen into the silk
it sprayed a lovely pinkish dye onto the silk.
Right then, I knew I was in luck!

So, here is my bundle ready to go into the steamer

I love how the blossom spread out when rolled.

I lowered my bundle into the steamer,
went off to eat lunch,
and when I checked back,
this is what I saw:

the brilliant red was now a red violet
there were splotches of violet!

Here's the bundle post steaming:

Notice how the star is now a faint yellow.

detail shot:

I don't know if I can wait three weeks to open this bundle!



Jeannie said...

Forget the dyeing! I want the plant!!! I have the rose mallow or Hibiscus moscheutos, if you know Latin (not me!). I tried, but you know how little luck I had. I'm thinking that maybe I am too quick to quit. The squirrels are doing their early picking of the walnuts, so C has been putting them in a bucket for me. I do hope that plant can grow here and that you get that beautiful color on your cloth!

Robin said...

How could even the purest of saints wait 3 weeks. If I lasted 3 days, it would be remarkable! What beautiful colors and beautiful plant. Wonder if the petals would make a decent dye bath?

Gerrie said...

That looks as if it is going to be yummy.

yvette said...

being patient if you see this already difficult

good luck

(your in my blogroll now so I can follow the proces...)

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Robin!! Are you really that pure a saint Judy!! LOL!!!! It is going to be stunning!!!

india flint said...

you did the right thing, steaming rather than boiling..most reds are heat sensitive

i'm now keen to meet this plant in person myself

Carol said...

My goodness, you do cook up some wonderful items! Three weeks is a long time to wait. Not sure I could do it. I'm a bit of a peeker! This is a most fascinating adventure. Can't wait to get my India Flint books. xox