Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vacation Day 2

Family & Nature:
the perfect vacation mix 

What a great day!

Hope yours was too.



Jeannie said...

Boy, I could sit in that chair on the dock until the mosquitos chased me in. ;) Everyone looks happy and like they are having fun. Enjoy your time together! (Where you taking the rust off the hinge to dye some tees? I figure you are going through eco dye withdrawals by now.)

deanna7trees said...

love that feather. looks like it's suspended in mid air.enjoy your time away.

alexa said...

Such lovely restful and warm photos - bet those hugs and cuddles and nesting-in-laps feels wonderful.

Visit Sarasota said...

Nothing like taking the family to the lake. I do it every year.

Carol said...

Wonderful photos. And look at Charlie! Such a big boy. K looks great, too. xxx