Monday, August 27, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

We decided to take our favorite 
walk in the woods this morning:

The trail around Five Finger Point is lovely.
It leads you through 
a very isolated area of
Squam Lake.
For the most part it is rather flat,
although the approach to the trail
is hillier than we remembered!
There were oodles of fungi,
as you shall soon see.

The lock on an abandoned building's door

and its patchwork-rusted metal roof:

a spider guarding the entrance to his den:

Every so often, 
along the trail,
a beautiful view of the lake and mountains
opens up:

Hope you've enjoyed
walking around Five Finger Point
on Squam Lake
with us.

The loons are calling
and it's time for bed!



Jeannie said...

You could write a children's story with all the fungi and pixies that must live under them! Gorgeous hike. Definately my kind of place.

Carol said...

Absolutely beautiful! I'm back at my computer so now about to have a lovely catch up with you. xxx

Nat Palaskas said...

Gorgeous scenery thank you. I like taking photo of gungi too, they are beautiful but poison to touch. I must look where Squam Lake is - Hugs Nat