Thursday, September 06, 2012

Eco Prints on Silk Charmeuse

I was interested in trying some eco prints
of my favorite Texas Star Hibiscus on silk charmeuse.
I'm thrilled with the results.
You can see the image of the blossom,
almost like a watercolor,
and also a few scattered cherry pits.
The golden yellow is from oak leaves that were scattered in my bundle.

Here are a couple more shots

I find it interesting how the Texas Star has reacted with various
baths and mordants.
Thankfully I have taken some fairly detailed notes of my processes.

Here is a portion of 5mm silk habotai
that was eco dyed in early August:

The deep brown is from the onion skin bath,
which I love.
There are euca leaves scattered throughout,
and they added pleasant surprises of red,
but I didn't think to photograph them.



Jeannie said...

I like the cherry pit polka dots! Amazing how well the flower prints. You are having fun!

Elena Ulyanova said...

Hi, Judy! So interesting to see your results. Have you checked these for color/wash fastness yet? Have you noticed any of color shifts when the fabrics are exposed to air for during some time period?


Elizabeth said...

Fabulous!!! HAve you recovered that bundle form the compost pile????